COESFELD MATERIALTEST in Dortmund Welcome to our website

Physical material test equipment is our business

Force, temperature, velocity, acceleration, travel, energy – if it has to do with the accurate generation and precise measurement of physical quantities on material, it is our core expertise.

Our international customers are from the chemical and petrochemical industry (plastics, rubber, color, varnish, glue, oil, grease, lubricants and bitumen), from many fields of processing industries (assembly parts, profiles, windows, packing, …) and from the automobile industry.

Many of our products realize standardized measuring methods meeting national and international norms. Other products established and proved in their specific field of application and industry.

All of our products have one thing in common

They combine established processing and evaluation methods and our decades lasting know-how in the field of material testing. Our products stand for high precision, reliability as well as flexibility in customization with regards to handling, level of automation, linkage to IT‑infrastructure in your laboratory or production.